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Thursday, April 10, 2008

This is the most impactful program we have....

Those words were said as I was leaving the jail today from the administrator that watched my boys class. He followed up with I've never seen teenaged boys all doing the same thing and listening. I am humbled by this acknowledgement, and humbled that these boys who were all brand new except for 5 were so focused today. As I was waiting for the boys, I could hear some of the new boys talking that they didn't want to go to yoga, but since they don't get a choice they were in the class. As the class started they new boys complained alot about how much their wrists hurt or their ankle or their back and how Down dog was hard, but as the class went on they eased into it and then came "yoga is hard." That is usually when they focus the most---when they realize that it takes more than being flexible to get through the class.

Our theme remained Satya, truthfulness and we focused on how at first truthfulness is hard but in the end it's worth it--one boy said like smoking..I didn't like it at first, but now I like it and that's kind of how you have to look at telling the truth. I agreed that yes, the truth is difficult at first... but it is a habit, if you live truthfully, when you make that your life, then nothing will stand in your way of getting to or telling the truth.

These boys are so strong, and one boy in the class said in Yoga there is no can't is there----the 5 boys who've been in yoga said that in here, no one says can't because all you have to do it try and there it is you can do the pose. I cannot express how much I really love the lessons that come from these classes---again it shows that we are all students and can learn from anyone.

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Ronnie said...

Congratulations on the props from the administrator! In addition, YOU are the most impactful teacher they have!!! YOU are making the difference.