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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Anusara Yoga is GENIUS!!!!!

In the boys class today we talked about having strength(muscle energy) and Grace present in all poses. The boys joked about how many poses can be done without strength--yes maybe that's true, I reminded them but when we don't have strength the Grace is hard to find--some of my joksters showed me what no strength in poses was like--and one boy said, "yep, that's me--I guess I'm cheating." Everyone laughed, and everyone paid attention to the strength that we brought to our legs as we worked our poses--"this is waayyy harder, but I feel more steady", one boy said. "So you mean that we need to keep this in our legs the whole time, the whole time we are here, our legs should be like this---whoa I was totally doing things wrong." I explained they weren't wrong, we are just going to experiment with strength (muscle energy) and see where it takes us, then each of you can determine what is different. The boys liked this idea--so many times in their lives, they have been told they were wrong, stupid, or whatever and the visible spark that comes into them when they are told, they are not wrong--just trying something different and see where it takes you ---seemed to work today and and then all of sudden without them understanding I witnessed as they Opened to something bigger than themselves---My Gosh this Anusara Yoga is GENIUS!!!!

The rest of the class, these beautiful boys, with their pants rolled up to their knees, watched each others "racing stripe" and joked when one boy would lose it--they celebrated each other--which is really what Yoga is about--rememberance and celebration. Today the boys remembered they have muscles in their legs, and they celebrated that they all made it to Savasana!

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