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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Celebration of Thursday Boys Class

I am fascinated at the different feeling the word celebrate conjurs up amongst people. I continued my theme of Celebrate Yourself with the Thursday Boys class and WOW the tone of the room compared to the Tuesday Girls Class is unremarkable. The boys tuned right into the idea of celebrating themselves, they were ready immediately after the inital child's pose. The girls took some softening on their part to even tap into the goodness inside--which to me parallels life.

Girls/Women in times of struggle seem to lose themselves, their inner goodness and search for somthing that is wrong with them--because as struggle goes, we have had some kind of crazy belief that because we are women-- it is all our fault--we must fix the problem---however we never look within to find the good, we are so excepting of the bad. What is it inside us women that is OK with layering our good with outside influences, and when did we learn that it was ok to just settle for what comes along and not settle for our own inner goodness? Whether it's a resilience or the ego of men/boys they can find their inner goodness and shine it out like a comet---the room was so bright by the end that the guards noticed that the boys were "glowing". There is nothing like a good yoga practice full of inner goodness praise to begin to believe that your goodness is shining and powerful--to dwell there in your yoga practice to get you to remember that inside each of us is the goodness we were born with and no matter what our life has brought us, it is always there--at the ready--to shine out! Ananda was raining down around the room!!! Today in this class was my bliss station!!!!

One incredible thing that happened today is that most of the boys asked if they could come 2 days a week instead of just one--YAAAHOOO--proof that when the yoga bug gets you it's hard to step back. Even the "I can't do Yoga" boys were ready like sponges to drink in the goodness of Yoga and swim in the ocean of their own intrinsic goodness! If I haven't said it before I LOVE the POWER OF YOGA!!!!!

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