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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Teacher

A letter came to my attention yesterday from one of the inmates that is now on the outside living back with her family. She was a girl who was confused, and really searching for her place in the world--(aren't we all). She had run away from home, mixed herself up with the wrong boy(one she met in Juvie) and was in the class for about 3 months. We had our share of obstacles, she wanted to be pregnant so badly that she told everyone she was, the nurse got involved and it was found out that no she was not pregant. Recently I learned from the jail staff that girls always say they are pregnant when the come into JDC because they do not want to use the lice shampoo--how do these kids know this stuff--I mean I would have no idea what to do, I guess I missed the handbook growing up.

Her letter states, "I think that you are amazing. You helped me learn alot about myself, become more comfortable with who I am, and you truly helped me open up to something bigger than myself--I would like to thank you."

The lesson for me here, is that teacher's in your life if you are open and ready to recieve the teaching, can come in all forms--as I read this today, I felt proud of this girl who felt proud enough of herself to write this and also to feel confident in her time with yoga to understand that she was opening up to something bigger than herself. As teenagers, knowing there is something more in the world than you is a pretty big "adult" pill to swallow and knowing that Yoga can percolate that up in these kids is why I want to teach them. She was my teacher today because I there are times when I need to remember that the obstacles that we face, definatly bring about results in ourselves and those around us that we may not want to understand or see, and for me I need to remember that each of the kids in JDC is a gift, and if I'm open enough they have a lot to teach me.

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