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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Michaelangelo--A true Yogi

Michelangelo was asked, "How do you decide what to sculpt?" He simply replied, " I don't, the scultpure lives inside the marble, I just peel away the layers and reveal it's inner beauty." Now if that is not Yoga I don't know what is--I love that because inside each of us is a deep inner beauty that becomes hidden either because of protection, or because of fear or because we were never told about this inner goodness. Yoga in all it's movement, breath, and revelation begins to peel away the layers that we have surrounded ourselves with--our breath begins as a simple movement that lifts the top layers, our movement brings Prana to our body and begins to remove any blockages, and as we move and breathe we begin to reveal and welcome the goodness inside. The girls in JDC today, found this crazy--but they are young, and they don't even know that their inner goodness is hiding, no one ever told them until now that they had an inner goodness so to them it is a foreign concept--but as we began to move and breathe and remember to breathe and hug into our midline and remember how good we can feel by moving and realizing that they can do these poses and that they are worthy of feeling their body at the most deep primordial level and then it happens, the goodness shines out, the goodness that they were born with--and the coolest part about that is that even if these girls were never told how good they were, they know now today that they are full of goodness and they are worthy of everything that they want out of life.

I love remembering Michaelangelo and his ability to see beyond the block of granite, not matter how rough the outside, no matter how cracked the piece of granit might be he knows that inside is a beautiful scupture just dying to come out, and as he peels away the layers he is right.

As we moved through the poses today, each girl peeled away layers of crap and found the inner beautiful flower that always lived there, and in Savasana, they surrendered to that feeling and relaxed and basked in the glow of their inner goodness.

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