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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Angels Sing in Savasana

There is an urban yoga legend that when your theme flows and the class is immersed in the theme that the heavens open and angels actually sing while you are in savasana---well today maybe for about 10 seconds I heard them.

The class I look forward to all week is the Thursday Boys Class, these are boys who have been coming to the class for a long time, and most of them are at the highest level of responsibility in the jail--so they pay attention--and before class starts they ask what we are going to do and always want to add in their idea of what should be done in class--Bakasana is a favorite and they would do it every week if they could. One boy said today, " I didn't know jail would be so fun, I mean with yoga and all, I look forward to Thursday." Believe me there is nothing fun about where these kids are, but as a CASA I've seen some of the places these kids come from and I am here to tell you that to say that jail is better is like saying that a great white whale is a nice fish. Most of the kids in JDC are searching for anything but where they were and whether it be gangs, or drugs, or transients they are determined to find it--with or without their longing for self preservation.

I read a passage out of Love Letters from Great Men, I know sappy and corney and not so boyish--but yet worked for the heart opening shoulder loop practice that was planned for today. It was risky, this I knew going in, and because I feel safe with the boys I knew it would work least I hoped ;) The love letter was from Beethoven and it was the most beautifully written letter straight from the heart from his to his beloved, and it showed the vulnerability of a man truly immersed in love and the confidence of a man who felt justified in telling others about it. I wanted the boys for once in their lives to hear and feel what it was like to be open to something other than themselves, to allow grace to fill their heart, to know that no matter what , their lives mean something and when they have the ability to share that meaning with someone worthy that for them to the heavens open and angels sing...............and it worked. There was not one gay joke, or defensive laughing, or any snickers of deflection it was in that yoga room today that these boys allowed themselves to feel that they are ok, just as they are, that their inner self is worthy of being loved, and no matter what if they keep their eye on that, maybe for a moment in their lives, they will live it.

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