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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Perfect Christmas!

As a kid I loved Christmas morning, the orgy of gift giving was in full swing, my grandmother who is an angel made ravioli's by hand and sauce that is to die for--there was always family around, lots of family, lots of pie, these incredible lace like cookies that were deep fried and dipped in powdered sugar--hello what is better than anything deep fried and dipped in powdered sugar ummmm nothing. As I walked into the jail this morning, I knew that the boys were waiting for me, they told me all week how they are excited for yoga today because of Christmas and because they are looking forward to our big Saturday 3 hour yoga extravaganza with special guest Buck the stud of Ashtanga from across the border in Washington. We worked today on Crane to Headstand to Crane--which turned into a "I can hold headstand for 10 minutes contest"--which turned into can you do crane to handstand to headstand to crane--which is where I stopped the insanity. We worked on full backbend--which the boys love that I cannot do--because they can, and one of the boys today, who is soft spoken and amazing, did the most amazing backbend I have ever seen, as you know I love Anusara Yoga, and the poster boy Darren Rhodes does a backbend of brilliance, but today, this backbend with full extension, and open heart, brought me to tears--it was beautiful!!!! So all in all, great Christmas, no gifts giving orgy, but a room full of vibrant bodies, open hearts, and bright minds--what I would call a perfect day!

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