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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Things overheard at JDC

When I get to the jail, there is a lot going on--kids coming from and going to breakfast for those of you who have never been to jail-breakfast is a glutenous mass of oatmeal, powdered eggs, and toast---yummmm a virtual buffet of gluten ;( and people wonder why kids are overweight. Anyway, that is a post for another time--not only are kids going to and coming from breakfast, but they are also folding laundry in the room directly connected to the Yoga Room and I can hear all that goes on--normally it is who is in love with who, how many green towels they have folded etc. but today it was an awesome conversation between two of the girls who have been coming to yoga and a new guard. Sumed up --here is the conversation:

New Guard--"So why do you want to go to yoga?"

One of the girls--" Because yoga breath is the best."

New Guard--"What?"

The other girl--"Yoga breath is when you are in the yoga--like in yourself--knowing that right there in the yoga you can do anything..............."

New Guard--Nothing

One of the girls--"When I can't sleep I do the yoga breathing and fall asleep and don't wake up--I love it"

The other girl--"You know what I do that too--huh I bet everyone does"

New Guard--"Is it that girl who just came in?" (I smile here because I am years away from being a "girl"

One of the girls--"Yep--want to come to class--she would let you...

New Guard--"Nope! She is too friendly for me"

One of the girls--"Whatever!"

Yep, Yoga is changing the kids, it is giving them coping skills that will last a lifetime--and in the yoga room alone, I cried---I cried because the lineage of Yoga is being carried on by these kids and these kids even in a small way will grow like lotus flowers out of the mud and bask in the sunshine!

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Christina Sell said...

okay, that makes my day. And I am up and unable to sleep so perhaps I should do some of that yoga breathing stuff...