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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Things overheard at JDC II

The laundry room is connected to the "yoga room" by way of a door, therefore everything said in the laundry room before our class is heard by me setting up for yoga. This has been one of my greatest joys. Today, I found a few comments worth sharing--a few comments that I will keep to myself, and a few "out of the mouths of babes."

"Hey, today is Thursday, we get to go to Yoga--doesn't yoga make everything better."
"Yes" a voice replied--"before yoga, I didn't even know that I could --reach my heart higher--."
"I know, I like yoga because I can--finally breathe."

"So I hear there is yoga in here today--what the hell are we doing yoga for?"
"Because it helps you not be such an asshole--have you ever heard of halasana--when you're facing the tops of your knees--you learn that you can do anything." **my personal favorite--the fact that these kids can utter the words halasana and asshole in the same sentence is remarkable to me.

"I'm not telling the staff that I hurt my ankle in basketball because they will put me on no phys--and today is flying day-we are going to be crows or something,--do you think she is going to show us how to levitate-- I'm not missing that." **and he didn't, but he did tell me about his ankle-which he made me promise not to tell until the end of class so he could finish and not have to see the nurse until we were done. And no there was no levitation-but everyone of those boys got up in crow and rose to headstand so WOOOHOOOO~~!!!

So all in all, a good day, a very good day in JDC! I give thanks for every sweet word and for the opportunity to learn from these kids--I give thanks for my teachers for believing in me, and I give thanks to the beautiul hearts of these kids!!

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