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Thursday, February 24, 2011


As a kid I was fascinated by David Copperfield I would be mesmerized by his prime time specials making all kinds of things disappear and reappear and his illusions. I always wanted to see the man behind the curtain-- even today I can't handle not knowing how something works, as if I'm the only one who isn't in on "it". I am reading a book titled the Alchemy of Transformation by Lee Lozowick and in the beginning he speaks of the mystery of a Master Magician-- that there are two types of people who seek the knowledge from a Master Magician type 1 is a person who really doesn't care but has a habit of asking for the answers, he will ask for the answers to questions but never seriously pursue or share the answers from the Master, then there is type 2 who is absolutely interested, absolutely responsible, they type 2 person will do whatever it takes to gain the knowledge of the Magician even before the secrets to the tricks are revealed. The people in between says Lee, "dangerous material" to deal with. The third type is the person who seeks knowledge for their own personal enrichment and will sell the secrets to make themselves look better or to feel important, they will never value the information in fact they could even go so far as to devalue the Magician because type 3 knows "better". If I was to be brutally honest, I have been all three types of the people who seek knowledge, in my 20's I definatly wanted to "know" things to seem more important, be closer to the Master, on the inner circle-- and for years I was on the inner circle amongst very great people- I just wasn't smart enough or open enough to know it, I fought for every piece of information, even ones that were readily available to anyone who wanted to know it-- see information or secrets of a Master are not really secrets but keys to open the doors of yourself-- that is the secret. Now that I'm older I see where my ferver to be "the one" closest set me on a path that was the 'hard' road, I didn't take teachings from the Masters of my life-- I took opportunities to serve and turned them into opportunities to look better, and there were times I even tried to look better than many of my Master Magicians, trying to prove them wrong, I mean I was 20 how could anyone know more than me. Also and because of this one fact, many things came easy to me, therefore I did not have to work at understanding them so because of my EGO which has in the past been very large, I ran with information that should have been kept contained, I shared secrets of people who trusted me and I used what i could to further myself and then disrespect the Magician.

I am brought to this realization because I am struggling with the kids at JDC, they are very much type 3 with everything, but as I meditated on this I realize they are scared, and trying to know everything, even a little bit of everything makes you feel strong, like you have a little more than everyone else-- I get them. To hope that one day they will realize that their Master Magicians have opened the doors for them, the cool thing is one the doors of knowledge are opened only you alone can close them.

Next time you run into the type 3 person, the one who needs to know everything, step back and remember they only want to peek behind the curtain-- which is a huge responsibility and when they are ready all will be revealed to them,

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