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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

If everyone did Yoga......

Three girls wrote me letters this week and I wanted to share them---Yoga is powerful and transforming! I am honored and humbled to be witness to the girls yoga class in Juvenile Detention. Because I respect the privacy of these girls the names will not be printed. I wanted to share these letters because it shows that even in the worst situations Saccidananda is present.

The girls focused today on Belief in Themselves with a fiery core practice---they knew it was going to be hard, but they pushed through their walls and worked hard and even when it was hard, they cheered on each other to push past the resistance. Belief in themselves is elusive to a young person but these girls, found that through yoga they are building good boundaries, focusing on their foundation, and that it's OK to feel reality that is full of bliss and goodness. Everyone of the girls who has taken the yoga class has a fear of feeling a belief in themselves it is so powerful that when the girls walk into class, they are closed. This is evident by the slumping shoulders, the lack of eye contact, and the cloak on their heart. When that feeling crept in of pride and acceptance they were told by others to fear the goodness they hold and eventually they believed that the feelings of goodness shouldn't exist. At the end of class, these girls stand up straight, look you in the eye and a little piece of their heart shines out.

Even as adults it's easy to notice that we walk around with a fear of the goodness inside us. Yoga let's us shine out the goodness--we don't need to fear ourselves, we need to embrace ourselves and hold true to our heart. Like we end every class ---of all the things the universe could have created, it created you and that is awesome!!!

Thank you for spending your time teaching kids with our situation. YOGA! I really appreciate it. It's taught me to remain peaceful in times like this and relate with tough life situations- also thanks for helping all of us through it even when we thought we couldn't do it!
--inmate Juvenile Detention

THANKS, I LOVE YOGA! Yoga helps me to relax! I do it when I am stressed out and need to relax. I really appreciate when you come into teach us!
--inmate Juvenille Detention

I wanted to say that I totally dig yoga. I've always have had trouble sleeping and yoga is really helping. It helps a lot with my stress and anxiety. Also I was wondering if you taught a class on the outs. Thank you for coming to do yoga with us!
--inmate Juveille Detention

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