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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Just another beautiful day........

The staff at the jail has said that I can print and distribute my newsletter to the kids---this is a great and resplendent day for our Juveniles!!!! The class of boys today was amazing---they listen with such intensity--when we are in dog pose they look at their neighbor and say don't put the weight on the heel of your hand, make sure you push through the finger pads----when we are in plank they explain legs straight and strong and pushing through the mound of the big toe. I tell you what this boys class is a breath of goodness every Thursday.

We have two guards that do yoga with us now, and it's funny how the boys will just shake their heads and laugh at them when they are struggling--not laugh in a make fun of sort of way but laugh and be excited about how far they themselves have come. It's funny how many people think these boys are just "hoodlums"--but to me they are great yogis who are learning that maybe for that one hour they are just kids.

Half way through the class one of the boys asked if we were going to meditate today that he really likes it and wants to do it--he said that he has been practicing it in his room. Then all of a sudden the boys were all asking if we were going to meditate today---of course!!! Watching them journey from just a few weeks ago--with their first meditation--and now is remarkable. They get into seated pose, they sit still--for 5 minutes this week-- they breathe--I can hear them!!!! It's amazing! We transition from meditation into savasana and I wish I had the words to describe what these boys look like as they are laying there after the practice--it's really peaceful.

I'm going to talk to my teacher about designing an eye of the tiger practice for the summer---it's an intense 3 hour yoga practice and it seems that these boys would really enjoy it. We'll see----but for now I am thankful for just another beautiful day!

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