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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Action is Not the Attitude

The thing that is amazing about the boys class is that they are up for anything---any poses, any combination, any kind of excitement--in fact the more the better! We worked with some incredible music today--which they love---infact it's amazing how much more they concentrate on their breath when the music is on. They may not admit this, but it's interesting to me to listen to them breathing while they are holding a pose---when the music is on they don't ask every two second, how much longer are we going to hold this. They held warrior 2 today for 1 minute, and when we came out, they were like--hey that was not a minute--no way!

We really had a great class today, most of these boys have been with me from the beginning, and they have settled into the rhythm of the classs and it's really helpful to the new boys who join--when there are 18 boys in out little yoga room, I can't see everyone--my veterans help me out by saying, your front foot goes between your hands, your back leg needs to be straight and strong--it's really beautiful how the veterans have learned about their big toe and the importance of the little toe combination.

One of the boys, is so sweet, he really pays attention, he listens and tries so hard, he's 9---so his attention span is 1/8 of the older boys--but today he was breathing really well--he always get's nervous that he is not doing good in the poses, and asks how he is doing---he loves yoga--the guards tell me that he "plays" yoga in his cell and pretends he's the teacher. These kids are just kids at their core--they may have made bad choices, had bad parents, been with the wrong kids--whatever brought them to JDC is just an action and remembering that their action is not their attitude is pretty humbling. Everyone of these kids have such brightness inside them--everyone and I'm proud and humbled to be on this journey with them.

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