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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Everyone is Worthy

This is the first class after my teacher Karen came to observe me last Thursday with the boys--and everyone of them asked me if she liked them and thought that they did good. I explained that she LOVED them and thought they did FANTASTIC!!!! Every boy in the room that was there last Thursday beamed with joy. In honor of how incredible they did last Thursday I gave them a choice of doing the practice that I had laid out or a restorative practice with chairs---unresoundingly they all wanted restorative--so I put on some Miles Davis and used the chairs that were in the room as props--thank you to Karen for the inspiration-- and they restored!! It's so funny because the question that comes up in restoratives, is can this detox my system of drugs---I always give the same answer--the only thing to detox your system from drugs is not doing drugs--and they laugh because they always get the same answer.

The boys did shoulderstand and plow onto a chair--which they loved--it's so funny how when they see me demo they all go AHHHHH and then when the open enough to try the pose--they all are so proud of themselves. I am always struck by how amazing these kids are and as they were all in plow I reminded them that just like the theme today--they have the ability inside them to do anything that they want to--they should not limit themselves by not trying. In the Yoga Room, the kids are up for anything--they love to try new poses and especially love to try the harder poses--ego takes over a little, but when they have completed the pose they are so happy with themselves--they walk a little taller and feel a little better about themselves. That's why I love Yoga because you really feel better about yourself when you are done--and I love the kids in JDC because if for one moment they feel better about themselves, that may be the moment that they decide that they are worthy of not being in jail and the transformation happens and maybe they will decide that they do not want to come back and that is a victory for sure.

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