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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Truth holds you accountable

Another birthday to celebrate with Sun Saluations and this time it was a guards--my favorite guard by the way. This guard is so encouraging to the girls and is a terrifically positive role model for them. So off we went to 24 Sun Sals---wow---it is so cool to me to have the girls get excited about celebrating another person!! Our theme today was being truthful not only with others but yourself--we had an incident of one of the girls saying they were pregnant when in fact they were not last week. I didn't want to point fingers to incite anger amongst the girls, I wanted to instill belief in themselves so that they could see that the truth holds you accountable. We talked during centering about how when you are not truthful, your heart becomes covered in an armor that maybe you don't feel today but after years of lying your heart becomes closed off because in your heart is where your truth dwells. Your heart always knows what is truthful because you yourself know what it truthful---and then one day you wake up and you feel empty because your heart is missing--cloaked in lies. I explained that when you lie, it becomes part of you and then you lie when the truth would fit better because you don't know when you're lying --it's become part of you. During centering, I asked the girls to allow their mind to remember what it is like to be lied to by someone that you care about--to really feel how it is when you're lied to and then allow yourself not to judge the person or situation, but to understand why the person lied. I asked them to again allow their mind to remember when they have lied to someone and use the feeling that they just had and know that is the feeling the person that they lied to had---I reminded them not to judge but jsut to allow themselves to remember the feeling. As we opened our eyes the girls said they never thought of it that way---they never realized how lying made them feel and how it could make someone else feel. That they just did it without thinking. We moved through our 24 Sun Sals and joked and laughed and after class one of the girls came up to me and said--I'm sorry for lying to you last week about being pregnant--I don't know why I didn't just tell the truth. Being accountable is powerful because it gives you self worth and today in Yoga the self worth meter on these girls raised and maybe as a start--they will be truthful today with themselves and they will walk a little taller because they know that their heart is becoming free.

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