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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Proud Mom ;)

The jail was kind enough to allow my teacher Karen to come and evaluate my Thursday Boys class today and the kids were AMAZING!!!!! There is something to be said for the brightness of these kids--it cannot be squashed!!!! I'm drawn to teaching them like a moth to a flame--they are phenomenal! One person recently asked my why I "waste" my time teaching kids who are never going to amount to anything. As I centered myself enough to answer I realized that the person who said this to me only recognized the smallness in others--this person has never opened up to something greater than himself--he was afraid to look at what he could be and focused on what he couldn't be. If one of these kids learns to open to something greater than themselves, stand on their firm foundation--allow themselves to feel the spirals of energy inside and then shine out in goodness--they are more of a man than this person who stood infront of me asking such a small question. And with an exhale that was my response. I believe in these kids so much and know that yes they made mistakes, maybe they will make a few more but haven't we all--if everyone had a microscope on our lives--wouldn't it be shocking what people could see?

There is an unwritten rule, that we don't talk about why the kids are in jail--but what I know is that during yoga we are there for the same thing--to feel better about who we are and today we honored our transformation to looking at our inner goodness through yoga.

I was a proud mom today--proud of their yoga and proud of their heart opening. For a moment in time, these beautiful strong boys were just that-- boys -- not inmate, not criminals, not anything but strong boys and that is why I teach Yoga in the Juvenile Detention Center.

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