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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Yoga Nap

Another full house of girls today stepped into Yoga--it was really humid, which it rarely is here in North Idaho, but today the air was thick, moist and sticky. The girls were a littel sluggish to start--kind of expected, I was a little sluggish to start myself. I find however that even though I'm not a fan of being overheated, that sometimes (ok maybe twice a year) the humid sticky air makes a yoga practice fun because it does not take long to warm up your muscles.

We moved through our warmups and the pregnant flower told me she was getting out today--that she didn't care what we did because she was going to go home--this needn't be said because her actions of non-compliance spoke louder than words. I explained the modifications, and she said she didn't care about them---I had detach myself from her in that moment---teach to the brightest star, and that I did. The girls also took my lead and no momentum was built up by her indifference to life--and we really had a great practice. One of the girls who has been with me for 5 months gets out today, she is so excited to come to the studio for yoga--she explained to everyone how she is so glad that she got to come to yoga today and that she doesn't intend to miss one week. Her words turned the attitude of the room --she is a very bright star.

I forget sometimes where we are when we are doing yoga, I forget that the room is recorded and that these beautiful flowers have to go back to their cells. Sometimes, I think they forget too. After we did some really great Navasana's--one girl said "Jen the best thing about yoga is the Yoga Nap that we have when we leave here--do you know that we sleep on a piece of metal and non of us sleep very well --but after Yoga we all get one good hour of sleep before we have to be inspected--that is my favorite part." All of the girls agreed, and it was funny because they all looked at each other and said I thought I was the only one who called it my Yoga Nap. In that moment that was a sisterhood of Yoga Nappers--they all became "friends" on the same "team." The next 15 minutes of class was magical as everyone's guard was down and they all joked about how hot it was, how if they wondered if the boys took Yoga Naps, and how much they really like Yoga and one girls explained that her mom would never pay for her to do "hippy dippy yoga", but now she can't imagine not doing yoga because she feels so good. I really love the power of yoga and how it is transformational even if sometimes, the transformation begins with a Yoga Nap.

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