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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Are we truly open?

John Friend states, " To deepen the breath you don't have to grab the breath--you just have to be open to receive." How many of us are truly open to receive? I am fascinated by people and how they walk through life---can you truly be open without being genuine? I have a girl in my JDC yoga class who is a bright light in Yoga --she is really beautiful and engaged in all the conversations about theme and asks questions about asana. I found out that she got into a fight with another girl in the jail--at what point did the open genuine girl turn on and the girl with the short fuse turn off. It gave me pause to wonder how many people are truly open or are people open enough at the times that they need to be in order to keep their boat of life afloat....and in that space of being open enough those who come to Yoga ---do they understand that we as yoga teachers can see the goodness inside them screaming to come out? And then it came to me we are not super heroes with x-ray goodness vision--everyone can see our goodness when we open and maybe that is why it's so scary to take the final opening step so we hide and become what we think people want to see. Angry and cynical are so common surely no one would even question--but good and open are rare and makes us vulnerable. As I continue to ponder this, I know that a seed of goodness is being planted in the hearts of the kids at JDC and I'm blessed to be there for their flowers to bloom.

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