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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Double Dip

In the yoga world we call people who come to two of the same classes double dippers--and I have to proudly announce that my boys class on Thursday has become a class of double dippers! I was kind of stunned because our theme for yesterday and today for that matter was one pointed focus with discipline--our holds were two minutes per pose with our focus being our breath. The boys spoke of how the easy road is not always the best road, and that when things are hard they are usually good for you. One boy said, the easy road got me here, and this is definitly not easy. The held plank, strong--breathing, focusing on themselves and not each other--the double dippers held strong to their center and the class was AWESOME!!!! Down Dog was our resting pose instead of child's pose like usual, and the boys really got into it--there was some ego there for sure, but I reminded them to continually focus on the breath--feel your ribs expand and contract instead of your belly as you concentrate--and the Gangster said this breathing works for making me not think of anything--I didn't even realize we were in the pose for 2 minutes---"Yogi Magic!" These boys are like sponges, I hope that when they get out that these lessons seep into their hearts and they remember and celebrate the goodness that they found in yoga.

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