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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Control of How I Live

When you remember that we all live and breathe from the same place, the vibratory affect of our actions bring a greater awareness of everything we do. There is always a time, that we have all felt, as we watched a sunrise/sunset as if there was no disconnection between us and the sun or walking down the street you pass someone and feel a connection even though no words are spoken and you don't know the person. This phenomenon is our theme this week in JDC, and as we spoke of this one girl said to me, "that means that even the smallest thing that we do has a larger affect on everyone." I posed the question, "Tell me of something small that you can do that affects everyone." And one girl said, "my attitude." As the girls agreed, they all saw in themselves the ability they each have to change the "atmosphere" of the jail and their fellow inmates attitudes. As we talked, one girl said, "it seems like we don't have choices about stuff but we do, is that what you're saying?" It was as if the sun broke through those cement walls and shined directly on each girl--because as they realized that they are in control of their lives, they brightened, and lengthened, and sat taller than I've ever seen them. We continued to speak of how we are all connected by the vibration of our hearts, and that as we were formed after conception it was our heart that came first and everything we are grew out of our heart. As we lived life, the circumstances of the vibratory effect on our hearts made us either live out of love or fear. Every decision made by us is ruled by either love or fear--the room was quiet in contemplation and we sat for five minutes in meditation and slowly we grew our yoga practice and after Savasana, a few of the girls came up to me and said, "today I change my attitude and do what you said, live more skillfully because I am in control of how I live.........."

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