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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Quiet Yogi

My Wednesday Boys class got cancelled due to "defensive tactics" training for the staff. I did let them know that if they ever wanted to learn some great pranayama technics for that same result to let me know---but the jail did not find this funny or take me up on the offer. Apparently "defensive tactics" is a big deal kind of thing. As I thought about it, is became an interesting quandry to me to try and squash violence with somewhat agressive holdings--I'm not sure how well this works. It's seems kind of like an oxymoron to me, but then again, I've never been a fan of anything with the words "defensive" in the title. None the less, we dove straight in today with Thursday Boys who were raring to go after missing Wednesday--LOVE THAT!!!!

One of my long term boys, who is quiet, and radiates joy in his subtle way--did a demo for the class today of Bakasana--he is strong, and he demonstrated that the pose if done correctly is not a balance pose but a rockin core holding arm balance. I love when the students realize that it is not about leaning forward onto your hands, but a lifting up of the core--only one of the boys fell into the desk so we have made progress ;). This boy, is such a study for me--he listens intently to everything, and started out in the third row, then moved to the second row, and when the Gangster left to finish his sentence in the "big jail"--he assumed his position right in front of me, wherever I'm seated--he's like a sponge--I don't know if he will carry on the Yoga on the outs, but for now we are planting seeds that will germinate and blossom when they are ready. He is a leader, even though if you asked him, he wouldn't say that he was--and in his eyes is a sweetness of innocence. It sounds crazy because most people would say that the kids in JDC have no sweetness inside them, but I see it--and when they let their guard down enough it throbs with vibratory conciousness.

The boys drank up the story of how we all share vibratory conciousness like a thristy man at a water foutain, they could not get enough--it is a pure joy when the kids realize that their actions affect others( I believe this is where a groove is formed in them and healing can begin)--many times, people will just assume that the boys especially in JDC are hardened because of their time there, I will be the first one to tell you that they soften while they are in JDC because they are safe from whatever haunts them on the outside--they can release their veil and just be--everyone knows what they have all done, there is no secrets--whether you stole cigarettes or a life, you begin again on the same page. There is a heirarchy, don't get me wrong, but there is also a quiet calmness of knowing that they are all there for the same thing--doing something wrong--and growing into realizing that you hold the keys to your future whether good or bad is up to you.

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yogashe said...

hi jenifer-
love your blog! been checking every few days to see what you've written. i was just on the mind body awareness project website and here you are...doing the work!
absolutely amazing. i really love that you share your insights and experiences, really helpful and inspiring...sheila (new immersion student)