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Monday, March 29, 2010

War Plant

Written by one of the boys--- he faces many years in the adult prison system.

War Plant

I've got this pencil in my right hand
and this lonesome paper on the table.....
As i road the vast plains of my land,
I'll tell you the bit of my fable.

I was born with brown skin
Growing like a plant, but full of sin
with exteamly rich soil, and very bright colors
Rejected by family, accepted by brothers

Exausted and stressed as the sun goes down
i've got great ambitions to own the crown
but now it's dark, scarry, with a clouded moon
Shade all my colors, but red
for the predators come soon.

Run! Run! All the little critters say
I am a war plant, and stand too strong to decay...
But the unknown is an adversity I face
more or less I fear.........

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