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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Inner Warrior

Self Observation Chapter 2, The Mammal Instrument-- Inner Process

WOW! The kids asked last night if I was going to read the next chapter of our book, Self Observation! Wow-- of course, I told them-- one of the boys said, that he thought about his habits for the last couple of weeks, and really paid attention-- he realized that he did a lot of things the same way, he realized that " his thoughts had the most habits, like when someone talks to me I think it's going to be bad-- everytime, so I don't even listen to them in fact I just get mad-- I just know that if someone wants to talk to me-- it's bad-- but yesterday Easter, I watched my thoughts- I didn't get mad, and when someone came to talk to me, we talked, about how crappy the food was, but we talked-- is that what you mean?"

I found a portion of chapter 2 which talks about the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle-- the act of observation changes the thing observed-- self observation changes what is observed within-- observation honestly and without judgement. In yoga terms-- where your mind goes your Prana goes-- we tried this with the idea of paying attention or notice your tendancy, and then open yourself to the idea that you are great! We worked with shoulders. In JDC, shoulders are a huge deal because EVERY kid is slummped over, everyone is in full protection mode to get the kids to stand up is a HUGE deal. Since I couldn't use belts because of safety reasons, the kids stood with their back against the wall to feel their shoulders-- one of the kids said, "I noticed that when my shoulders are back, I feel 10 feet tall-- like a warrior. Wow that Heisen guy knows his stuff" We worked most of the class by the wall-- each child got to see around the room, how each boy felt more warrior like and it stuck-- as we moved back to the mats, the boys still stood 10 feet tall-- they observed and they opened without fear and without judgement. Now, there is no mistaking that the boys are still in fear and still judge, but for a moment in time they didn't and they remembered what it was like to feel strong within themselves-- they got to celebrate their inner warrior.

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