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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Practice LIke A Warrior- What are you a Disciple To?

People generally learn in 5 ways, observation, repetition, modeling, trial and error and play-- When you begin your journey to the center of yourself your beginning of self observation uses all 5 openings. The kids and I are on Chapter 8 of Self Observation-- Chapter 8 delves into the idea that your fight or flight reaction comes from your central nervous system and your reaction to the feeling of flight or fight comes from your habitual tendencies and those tendencies of those who raised you-- Most people live their lives in Survival Mode, the kids in JDC understand this deep within their cells-- the idea of turn the other cheek in the question of fight or flight is not an option they take, they will fight every time, they have been fighting their whole lives. They are in a constant understanding of fight away pain.

A poem was shared in yoga tonight, in response to our reading of Self Observation by Red Hawk

We walk in
Warriors of Life
We are cloaked by sheilds
We are cloaked to hide
We are cloaked to forget
We are cloaked in the decisions of our fathers
We are cloaked in the pain of our fathers
We are full of shame
We want to see
But a Warrior holds his true identity secret
No one can see if we are hurting,
No one can feel our inner scars
We hide, we are always observing the outside
We never feel
In our silence we scream for a response
In our silence we feel trained for battle
In our heart we are like a rabbit
Afraid to move, and afraid to not move
Cloaked we walk in
Ready for battle
Ready for yoga

One breath and we shed
One breath and we begin to feel our heart beat
One breath and we live unmasked as kids
Forgotten kids
Who have to come to practice
Like a Warrior

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