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Saturday, May 22, 2010


The girls in JDC have been very attentive to the reading and talking about Self Observation-- to show me how much they are loving the foundational messages of Notice, Find Yourself, Don't try to change, just observe and relax-- they thought this Wednesday they would be the teacher and each of the girls found 5 quotes that summed up how they can observe without judgement of themselves and those around them. the girls told me that they have these quotes in their rooms, to remind them that they are worthy of greatness. I am humbled by them --- they are amazing bright beautiful spirits. Here is their compilation:

Everyone has in them something priceless that is in no one else.
-- Martin Buber

Be faithful to that which exists nowhere but in yourself
--Andre Gide

Compared to what we might be we aer only half awake
--Williams James

We grow a little every time we do not take advantage of somebody's weakness
--Bern Williams

You don't have to blow out the other persons light to let your own shine
--Bernard Baruch

If you don't like what you're getting back in life take a look at what you're putting out
--Pamela Dryer

The willingness to accept responsibility fo rones own life, is the source from which self respect springs
--Joan Didion

If the people around you don't believe in you, if they don't encourage you, then you need to find some better people who do
--John Maxwell

If you know what you want you'll recognize it when you see it
--Bill Cosby

No one can give you wisdom, we must discover it for ouselves on the journey through life which no one can take for us
--Sun Bear

you failed many times, although you may not remember you fell the first time you tried to walk, you almost drowned the first time you tried to swim....Did you hit a homerun the first time you swung a bat?
---United Technologies

Obstacles don't have to stop you if you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up, figure out how to climb it, go through it or work around it
--Michael Jordan

What you give, you get ten times over
--Yoruba Proberb

These beautiful girls spent their week, combing through books, magazines and the internet to find the perfect quotes to show me they understand the teachings--- that is studentship--- They plugged in, and without judgement saw what could bring out greatness in themselves--

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