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Saturday, March 12, 2011


There is a goodness, a Wisdom that arises. sometimes gracefully, sometimes gently, sometimes awkwardly. sometimes fiercely, but it will arise to save you if you let it-- and IT rises from withing you, like the force that drives green shoots to break the winter ground, it will arise and drive you into a great blossoming like a pear tree, into flowering, into gragrance, fruit and song, into the wild wind dancing, sun shimmering, into the aliveness of it all, into that part of yourself that can never be defiled, defeated or destroyed, but comes back to life, time and time again, that lives- always- and does not die-- You rise from yourself into the Divine. --The Bond Between Women China Galland

Spring ahead night always takes me back to this paragraph of this amazing book. Like green shoots that break the winter ground-- is there nothing more beautiful than that image-- Energy-- Shakti rising up, from the ground and saying "hello" nice to meet you, I've felt your warm presence all along and today I get to meet you. Yoga has been just like that in my life- a warm glow and if I tap into myself, find that part of me that has never been defiled I find peace, like the green shoots I rise with Shakti and greet myself.

In Anusara Yoga we have energetic loops, there is ankle, shin, thigh, pelvic, kidney, shoulder and skull these are secondary principles that guide the body like the green shoots into blossoming into beauty into their connection to the Divine. I have studied Anusara for 5 years, and this year I have devoted myself to understanding the physicality and the beauty of these energetic loops and their ability to blossom even the basic pose of Tadasana.

Yoga is beautiful, and the loops guide your body into an awareness of itself that is so amazing. In it's raw form the loops guide your body into your core- your nerve center, your worthiness. It's as if your core, has been ready to receive these gifts, patient, waiting, and so beautiful like the fertile earth at springtime. I am fascinated by this, all parts come together to join as a whole, to celebrate and to remember that life at it's purest form is to join- to yoke- to yoga.

My Beloved Teacher Karen talked this week of how Saraswati is the teacher, the educator, the one who sets things in order, and so I know that she is at work in the loops. Saraswati always her masterful self, knows exactly how ankle loop sets the foundation of your leg, how shin and thigh loop are the reinforcement, and how pelvic and kidney set the pilar of stregth for your heart to be revealed by shoulder loop and how skull loop ties everything together like the blossom of a flower--

In nature we are all connected, in nature we all begin as a seed and we all want to break fertile ground to blossom into who we are-- it's masterful!

Our core, like the earth is always ready to receive, our core never lets us down it waits until we are ready to come together and when we do, magic happens and we blossom and we radiate beauty and we live fully.

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