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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Teacher!

My beloved teacher came home from a 2 week retreat, she glowed today, litereally sparkled with joy-- she is radiant. It was a blessing to see her, it was as if she filled me with that same joy that she radiated with just by her warm welcoming hug, I missed her but even as she was gone I felt connected to her very goodness. I am honored to teach at a fantastic studio named Garden Street Yoga, blessed to be with my teacher almost everyday, and blessed to teach with the most talented teachers in the area-- well hell if not the whole damn world. Everyday as a teacher we honor the seat of the student, we honor that which brings you off the couch and into a space where we ask you, what is most beautiful to to you today? I need to back up, set the stage so to speak, our studio is beautiful, it breathes beauty and radiance that is rooted in our teacher and therefore rooted in us. Garden Street is a traditional yoga studio, there is no hot yoga, no core yoga, no acro-yoga, no nude yoga, just tradional Anusara yoga. As teachers we chant, we help to illuminate with philosophy and we teach, but mostly we are students- deeply rooted in the underpinning of Anusara and Tantric philosophy -- therefore before you step on your mat, we know that you are worthy of every breath you take. We as teachers are just here to help you navigate the path, to be your tour guide to remind you that when life gets messy, and it will, that you can hold strong to your illuminous center and remember your innate goodness.

This deep rootedness comes directly from our Teacher Karen, she as well is the ultimate student, she is so open, so welcoming and so loving to each student and to each teacher who is given the opportunity to teach, she genuinly wants to see us succeed-- she is my mentor. Her deep roots in the tradition of yoga has helped me deepen my roots and find my footing and also remember that I am worthy.

People come to yoga for a million reasons some of which are to find sanctuary, to open their heart, to illuminate from the inside out, to move to remember that even at 81 they are not old, and to hold strongly to their innate goodness-- walking into our studio is like a breath of fresh air to most people, when you walk in you are surrounded by love and light-- and you remember that you can stand tall in who you are because we honor you for your gift of presence.

Our roots are deep, therefore our flowers are beautiful!

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Jana Renee Derges said...

Oh I just love this post!! I've been longing for some time at Garden Street and to connect back in with Karen and this just confirms why. Karen's an outstanding teacher and has built, along with a well loved community of wonderful Souls, a warm and inviting environment to do the practice in. I just love all of you!!!