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Monday, September 12, 2011

Not special, yet essencial

It is interesting to sit down with my blog, which started to focus my attention on my Seva of teaching at the Kootenai County Jail, as I read through the blogs there is definatly love and challenge that pours through. And then abruptly I stopped, not because there was less love, but because I felt for a while that the kids and the place where I teach every Saturday is really just another yoga class, full of dedicated students, just like there is in every studio around the world, a gathering of hearts in celebration of the One Great Heart and it seemed to me, that writing of this work was maybe not such a big deal. And the words faded........ and today as I continue to teach at the jail, I am more in love with the kids than ever, but to speak of their trials and tribulations seems really I don't know....boring, everyone has trials and tribulations to overcome when they step on their mat, they may not be in jail, but there is obstacles, not enough time for a "full practice", too much time, I can do it "later", I'm too tired, I'm not centered enough--- we all have an obstacle, and yet we all come to the mat, and remember the One Great Heart-- we all must Stand Up with a Brave Heart to remember that we are the connection to each other-- so maybe the kids who are connected to each of us in this way, are not so special., yet we are all essencial, the kids and each of us who step on our mat, and celebrate our heart. This journey gets sweeter every day that I teach, not because of where I teach, but because through connection we bring breath into our heart. A qoute: Yes, we are looking for someone to hear us, but we want a place to belong too…a place where we can shine inconspicuously with the other lights on the tree while we trudge through what comes at us.--Elephant Journal

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