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Thursday, June 26, 2008


As a surprise to the Thursday Boys Class we did restoratives today--which they LOVED! At the beginning of my time with them I asked if there were any injuries, and no one said a thing--today during restorative, almost every one of them explained how they loved it because their back hurts all the time. One of them stated that they were working at McDonalds, and slipped on some water and twisted his back and since then its painful for him. Another boy told me that he was run over by a drunk driver on his motorcycle and his back has bothered him ever since. I noticed in Savasana yesterday that even when the boys are lying flat that their shoulders are still tightened around their hearts-- in Savasana which was 15 minutes today, I walked and adjusted their shoulders, the boys were like "holy crap! that feels better." The protection that these kids have around themselves is ever amazing to me. To live in such a way has got to be exhausting to never feel like you are safe or free to relax and unplug would be maddening. The restorative gave them a sense of what it's like to be in a space of safety and feel relaxation. You could see it in them after the class was over--they looked different, softer, and they definatly felt better. One of them said it felt like he just woke up from a dream--and felt weird because he didn't feel tired but energized. Again I have regained my name of the Magic Yoga Lady--how can you feel like you took a nap when you didn't?, one said. I explained relaxation and how it is such a benefit when you allow yourself to surrender into it. As they all filed into their cells I got a thumbs up--and that said it all.

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